Mindfulness Project Training Hub

The Mindfulness Project has an online training hub! Here you can access a wide variety of teachings, meditations, yoga classes, cooking classes, permaculture teachings, live streams, and so much more.


Our goal with the Training Hub is to let you continue self-development after you have been to the Mindfulness Project. Or to introduce you to our teachings if you have not been here yet. All Christian’s teachings at the Mindfulness Project have been recorded and can be viewed online. In addition, we create new themed content monthly. And we’re working on challenges that you can engage in to keep actively working on your self-development. Because we believe that if we help to heal people, those people will heal others and our planet to create a sustainable living environment.

Example teaching:

Join the Training Hub!

We offer different tiers of membership to the Mindfulness Project Training Hub. We want to make this as accessible as possible to everybody, so we keep it super cheap!

Patreon Fan

$1 or more per month


  • Facebook group access

You’ll have access to our Facebook group, where will share our knowledge, insights and love with you. Also, you’ll be able to connect to other Training Hub members!

Access to teachings is not included in this tier. 

Patreon family member

$4 or more per month


  • Facebook Group access 
  • All Mindfulness Project videos

Every week you’ll get one teaching. And of course you can participate in our challenges. You will also be in the exclusive Facebook group.

Patreon knowledge seeker

$7 or more per month


  • Facebook Group access
  • All Mindfulness Project videos
  • Dr. Ajahn Somchai lectures

We’ll bring to you lectures from our head master Dr. Ajahn Somchai, Abbot of the Wat Pho Monastery in Khon Kaen, Thailand and one of the directors of the second largest Buddhist University of Thailand.

$9 or more per month


  • Facebook Group access
  • All Mindfulness Project videos
  • Dr. Ajahn Somchai lectures
  • Monthly live stream with Christian

During the monthly live stream Mindfulness Project’s founder Christian Carow talks about topics related to the teachings, answers questions or simply shares tips on how to have a better life.

$25 or more per month


  • Facebook Group access
  • All Mindfulness Project Videos
  • Dr. Ajahn Somchai lectures
  • Monthly live stream with Christian
  • Choose a video topic

You can choose a topic that you want to see in one of our videos and we will shoot it for you!

Crowdfunding Membership

Our Training Hub is hosted on Patreon, a crowdfunding membership platform to run a subscription content service for exclusive experiences. For a small monthly donation, you don’t only support your self-development, but also the future visitors of the Mindfulness Project!