Thank you for your application for our volunteer program! As soon as we get this we will get back to you shortly. We check availability and inform you as soon as possible if we have space. A confirmation email is sent to you. If you did not get it, please look in your spam folder and make sure to allow our mail address. If you also donĀ“t find a mail from us there, please contact us via

One last thing

Every single piece of plastic you have ever used still exists in the world somewhere. Including alllllll those plastic bags and disposable water bottles used every day when backpacking. Most of them end up in our rivers or oceans forming huge areas of plastic soup, or get burnt or put in landfill, and the alternative options are really very easy. Here at the project we try to do everything we can to get ourselves and the planet working as efficiently, healthily and happily as possible, we encourage everyone coming to the Mindfulness Project (or in fact just everyone) to become more conscious of their plastic use and the alternative options. Resuable fabric bags and a reusable waterbottle are very easy ways to massively cut down on plastic use, they cost very little and can be easily found.

With just a little preparation you can be part of the change, making all the difference to save this beautiful planet we live on šŸ™‚

How to find us?

Please download our PDF guide with directions. It contains detailed descriptions and photos so you will have no problem finding us. LetĀ“s start your adventure!

Tha Sawan
Na Duang District
Loei, Thailand
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What to bring?

  • Clothes for work in that can get dirty.
  • Clothes that cover knees and shoulders to wear in the monastery.
  • We sleep on mattresses on the floor: please bring bedsheets and in the cold season a sleeping bag.
  • A torch to go to the toilet at night without waking everybody up.
  • We have basic cushions, but if you need more comfort bring your own.
  • Natural mosquito repellent.
  • All your enthusiasm.

Frequent asked questions

This will answer most of your questions :

We try to apply Mindfulness to any action we are doing during the day. In order to train this we keep the morning in noble silence until after breakfast. After that we love to chat and talk and have fun !
You will not live in a monastery but you will most likely have the opportunity to sleep one night in the monastery that we visit 2-4 nights each month for a whole day of meditation, ceremonies and teachings. This is not a tourist experience at all but is designed for people who want to experience meditation. Where you will stay for the majority of your stay is a beautiful piece of farmland outside Mungwan village 30km from Khon Kaen. Men and women sleep and live together in the same buildings at the Mindfulness Project, however they sleep separately at the monastery.
We do not provide internet but if you require it during your stay it is easy to get a Thai sim card and have data if you have a smart phone.
The form of work exchange offered on the Workaway, HelpX and WWOOF websites implies that the ratio of giving and taking is balanced. In our project you will get really delicious and super healthy food and accommodation for 5 hours of work a day. But on top of that we offer 2 hours of morning meditation with the monks, 45 minutes of yoga, 45 minutes of guided meditation, mosaic workshops, teachings and actually building earth bag and adobe houses as well as giving 1-3 hours teachings every evening about non violent communication, Buddhist philosophy and meditation as well as other ways of mind training. On the weekends we attend Buddhist ceremonies with 50-200 Thai people. You have the opportunity to get a unique insight into Thai life and culture like hardly any project in Thailand can offer. You receive all of this (almostĀ 6,5 hours extra each day) for a minimal fee. In addition we are a charity which focuses on creating a strong community and preserving the forest. We are incredibly dedicated to make a difference on this planet and thrive for a future for everybody and people love to come here to help us in any way.

Download here our PDF with directions how to get to us. It contains detailed descriptions and photos so you will have no problem finding us. LetĀ“s start your adventure!