Mindfulness Project

The Mindfulness (Project) Poem

This week's blog is different than usual. We're sharing a beautiful poem that, in our opinion, tells perfectly what the Mindfulness Project entails and means. It's written by David Clark, who always used to introduce himself as 'David from the Earth' when he had to tell his name and the [...]

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The magic of the Mindfulness Project

Hi my name is Judy! In December I worked as a volunteer at the Mindfulness Project. For me this place is just magical. I wanted to let you take part of the magic and created this video. Turn on the English subtitle and have fun while watching ✨

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A typical day at the Mindfulness Project

Hi my name is Judy and I'm from Germany. In November I've been as a volunteer at the Mindfulness Project.  I had an amazing, moving and developing time! Without having been there, it's often hard to understand what the Mindfulness Project is about. And as I think pictures tell more [...]

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Relaxation Yoga with Anja

Yoga is a perfect way to relax your body and mind. Anja is guiding you through a beautiful yoga class where she explains some of the origins of stress and the body reactions to stress and how to balance them out. She is supporting you from stress to taking in [...]

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