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The Mindfulness Project is a radical new approach to a holistic lifestyle. We combine proven methods of the fields of meditation, yoga,  psychology, permaculture, natural building, arts and combine them to a healing system of transforming ourselves and the environment.

This amazing system has been scientifically researched by the University of Murcia, Spain and has shown amazing results. So come in and be part of the worldwide change!

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Become a volunteer

Embark on a once in a lifetime experience! Become a volunteer in the Mindfulness Project and learn everything about holistic living. We combine mindfulness, meditation, yoga, natural building, organic farming, non-violent communication and psychology into a healing system of self-transformation.

Solutions 2.0

Attend fascinating courses

Every year we offer different courses in the field of meditation, yoga, permaculture design, natural building and much more! World leading teachers are constantly researching and teaching the newest solutions for a holistic lifestyle. All the solutions for our problems are already there. We just need to apply them!

Mindfulness Project - Reverse nature destruction

Reverse nature destruction

Donate now

All around the globe people start to wake up to the fact that we can make a tremendous difference by the power of community! Every dollar or euro will reach it’s destination in our completely volunteer run project. You can choose where your money will be spent on and we are fully transparent. Sharing is one of the most important practices in most spiritual paths.

Join our Training Hub

We offer a wide variety of online teachings from Buddhist knowledge, Yoga, Meditation, Permaculture, Natural Building, Vegetarian cooking, and much more. You can enjoy all teachings, videos and podcasts on our Patreon channel by becoming a member of the Mindfulness Project Training Hub. For a small monthly donation you get access to all our teachings, and at the same time you support the Mindfulness Project tremendously. You can also find a narrow selection on our YouTube channel.

Enjoy our blog and get a wealth of information

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The art of giving: Support the Mindfulness Project

Your support can help us to create a healing system of transforming ourselves and the environment!

The Mindfulness Project can only sustain itself thanks to donations. We need your help to create a sustainable learning center and community in the poorest region of rural Thailand! We aim to restore healthy biodiversity in our community in order to secure access to food and water for local people, while practicing sustainable living with international volunteers.

Former volunteers and friends have helped us so much in the past years and we are so grateful for this extremely valuable support. Thanks to your generosity we are able to continue the important work we do, for the Thai community in the area, the environment, all living beings and future generations.


  • Michelle, USA

    So much love! You have created a space where people feel welcome, safe, understood and accepted. You have created a community based on LOVE AND RESPECT where we help one another simply because we love [...]

  • Janne, Holland

    Amazing! I spent over 5 weeks at this home away from home and it was one of the most transformative experiences of my life. The people, the community, the work, the meditation, the yoga, the [...]

  • Fred, France

    So inspiring! A rewarding and inspiring experience. Permaculture, mindfulness, sustainability, and organic living, were topics I only read about but now I can say I have experienced them. People usually come and go in our [...]

  • Kevon, USA

    Best thing I ever did “We woke up at 5am for yoga and meditation before work. Surprisingly in the simplest of circumstances, it was the most peaceful and happiest I’ve ever really been. I’ve made [...]

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