Meditation Retreat 2016

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Join the annual 10 day Mindfulness Project Meditation retreat! Sit the whole night of new years with 3000 Thai people in meditation and chanting until the morning and experience a once in a lifetime event. Deeply get to know Thai culture and meditate in a Thai monastery.

Since 2006 we have organised this retreat and it is a very special occasion for starting your Meditation experience or deepening it tremendously.

The Vipassana Meditation is taught by Ajahn Somchai, one of the directors of the second largest Buddhist university in Thailand, it is easy to learn and fits beginners and advanced meditators alike. He teaches sitting, standing, walking and lying meditation. The teachings are focused on developing deep wisdom and unconditional love in a very open and modern way.

After the Meditation course we travel together. It is an amazing opportunity after a meditation retreat to get to know each other. Community plays a very vital role in the Buddhist teachings and the travel makes it possible to deepen the sense of being together. This year we will visit the beautiful Kao Yai national park for 2 days. The natural beauty, wildlife and especially the thousands of bats starting from a cave during sunset are an incredible sight. Afterwards we will spend 6 days on one of the stunning islands in the south. Spaces for the journey are limited to 25. Former volunteers of the Mindfulness Project have priority and the Meditation event will be a main event for regathering.


What to bring:

Mosquito nets, very thin matrasses, pillows and meditation clothes are provided. Please bring everything you need in addition to sleep comfortably. The meditation clothes are very thin so bring underwear and bras which are suitable for a monastery. Water bottle, head torch, towel, toilet paper and toiletries are to be brought if needed.


The Meditation retreat will be held in Wat Pho Baan Nontan in Khon Kaen. Wat Pho is one of the oldest monasteries in Kho Kaen, the third largest city in Thailand. It is known as one of the leading monasteries for meditation and youth work. Ajahn Somchai even got a prize from the queen of Thailand for his exceptional work.



The Meditation retreat is on donation basis. Minimum 100 Euro.



You will be served two vegetarian meals at 7am and 11am, we are unable to fulfil dietary requirements. In the evening there will be drinks. The aim is to provide the best circumstances for meditation and concentration. For your stay we ask you to remain in complete silence for 10 days. The 5 precepts (not harming any living being, not taking what was not given to you, no lying, no sexual misconduct, no intoxicants) need to be followed at all time.

You will sleep in gender separated dorms with good facilities and toilets.

Retreat language is English. German translation is offered.


Day/time of arrival

28.12.2016 at 12 am. Finish 07.01.2017 – 4pm

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