Save the mindfulness project!

Why donate to the mindfulness project?


The Mindfulness Project is a revolutionary system aiming to teach and spread sustainable living worldwide. We are a German NGO in collaboration with Thai Buddhist monks, dedicated to distributing 100% of our donations straight into the community. We are located in Isaan, the most drought-ridden part of Thailand where 98% of the forest has already been destroyed.

Sustainable living

By this, we mean working with nature rather than against her and creating a community where we can make a change. The world needs our help, and the efforts have to come from within. The Mindfulness Project provides a working retreat aiming at building an eco-village and learning center, whilst volunteers are immersed in a healing environment enabling them to transform their lives.

We combine modern scientific methods with ancient philosophies to promote personal development and healthy living, as well as education on integrated agriculture, green building, alternative energy, and recycling.

  • Practice sustainable living with international volunteers
  • Heal hearts, the environment, and our relationships with each other
  • Long-term reforestation of Northeast Thailand
  • Provide education opportunities to local Thai children
  • Restore healthy biodiversity in our community
  • Create space for international volunteers and Thai people to connect
  • Become a learning center  for permaculture, natural building, yoga, and meditation
  • Secure access to food and water for local people
  • Educate volunteers in the Buddhist way of life
  • Create a working example of environmental and social practices

The future of the project starts now and we need the right tools and infrastructure, starting with the acquisition of our land. We can’t survive without your support! We are completely run by passionate volunteers, which means that 100% of your donation will go to providing essential building materials, garden supplies, and infrastructure to grow our project.

Also important to note, we cooperate with our partner This is a German charity paying for all PayPal and credit card fees. So 100% of your donation will reach us! They also send donation receipts to German donators in February.

The Mindfulness Project e.V. is a legal charity in Germany. For donations up to 200 Euros the tax department excepts a copy of your bank account bill or the money sending reciept. For these donations we dont automatically send tax reciepts in February. But we are happy to do so if you send us your details!

More ways to help


Didn’t need new socks? And you already had a ton of mugs with funny quotes anyway?

No matter if you’re turning 15 or 50  – use your birthday to raise funds for the new land of the Mindfulness Project. It is super easy. Just register on our Fundraising page, search for Mindfulness Project, add a text and a photo or little film and inform your friends or family.


Want to organize an event and do something incredible at the same time? Go for it and collect donations or a little entrance fee and donate it to the Mindfulness Project.

Here are a few ideas, but you can become creative yourself:

  1. Fundraising party
  2. Talent show
  3. benefiz concert
  4. Fundraising Yoga classes
  5. Fundraising movie night
  6. Game night

In the link below you will find 77 more fundraising events.


The Mindfulness Project is all about hugs, love and connection. So instead of making a free hugs activity, start to hug people for a small donation for our reforestation and healing center. In the link below, you can download the signs to hold up and a little discription of what we are doing.

What do you get?

In exchange for a small monthly donation of 4 dollars you get access to all our teachings on the Mindfulness Project Training Hub on Patreon. You can enjoy a wide variety of teachings from Buddhist knowledge, Yoga, Meditation, Permaculture, Natural Building, Vegetarian cooking, and much more. And at the same time you support the Mindfulness Project tremendously!

This donation method does not work via the donation form, but by registering on Patreon.