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Kru Ya, the founder and owner of a befriended orphanage in the region had to struggle with the effects of climate change tremendously. This year, temperatures of sometimes over 50 degrees makes life nearly unberable, repeated floods put the kids in danger and makes farming often impossible. Many farmers in the region are going bankrupt because of severe soil degredation and desertification. This threatens food security of thousands of families!

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Forests are the main contributors to a stable local and regional water cycle and produce their own rain – if big enough. And forest is still the most promising single solution for climate change. Restoring the world’s lost forests could remove two thirds of all the planet-warming carbon that is in the atmosphere because of human activity, according to a new study. This will not only give new hope to Kru Ya and the orphanages but will be the solutions for all humanity on this planet. The solution is found in the regions where forest grows in rapid speed – the tropics.


The Mindfulness Project is a not-for-profit organization creating a model for sustainable and regenerative ways of living and acting in the world. By collaborating with one of the most accepted communities in Thailand – The Buddhist forest monasteries – we have pure gold in our hand, planting forest in the most secure and supported ways possible.
In more than 10 years we’ve hosted more than 5500 volunteers. Many of which have changed their lives through our self empowerment training to become conscious actors in their respective local communities and became catalyst for change themselves.
Now we are facing a big change. We lost the land on which we hosted volunteers, gave courses and grew a food forest. With the loss of our land we stand at a crossroads. This is challenging and exciting at the same time.
Exciting, because a piece of land makes the reforestation of 5 hectare degraded land possible and is the basis for the holistic education and reforestation centre, our partners and us have designed.
Challenging, because we only have until 16th of October to purchase the land. Without it we cannot continue to support people in their process of growth, nor continue our example site of regeneration and reforestation.

Time is scarce. You can help today!

The time to buy the land is running out. So is the time to plant trees.

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# support one of the most fascinating reforestation projects!

# grow urgently needed forest to safe the biodiversity of Northern Thailand

# fix ecosystems and help restore soil and biodiversity

# help farmers to have a better future

#create a pilot project that has the power to help reverse climate change

# ensure that the learning center continues to inspire people that they, too, can be a beacon of change in their community




Thailand is the #9 country most effected by climate change. It is our responsability to help where help is most needed. Thailand has also the climate where forest grows much quicker than in our temperate climates. 98% of the forest in our region is already destroyed. This nature destruction and the loss of fertile top soil to grow food will lead to the biggest migration of people to more temperate climates where aggriculture is still possible.

  • Long-term reforestation of Northeast Thailand
  • Secure access to food and water for local people
  • Create a working example of environmental and social practices
  • Restore healthy biodiversity in our community
  • Become a learning center  for permaculture, natural building, yoga, and meditation
  • Heal hearts, the environment, and our relationships with each other
  • Practice sustainable living with international volunteers
  • Provide education opportunities to local Thai children
  • Create space for international volunteers and Thai people to connect
  • Educate volunteers in the Buddhist way of life

The future of the project starts now and we need the right tools and infrastructure, starting with the acquisition of our land. We can’t survive without your support! We are completely run by passionate volunteers, which means that 100% of your donation will go to providing essential building materials, garden supplies, and infrastructure to grow our project.

Also important to note, we cooperate with our partner This is a German charity paying for all PayPal and credit card fees. So 100% of your donation will reach us! They also send donation receipts to German donators in February.

The Mindfulness Project e.V. is a legal charity in Germany. For donations up to 200 Euros the tax department excepts a copy of your bank account bill or the money sending reciept. For these donations we dont automatically send tax reciepts in February. But we are happy to do so if you send us your details!