The Child Help Foundation in Khon Kaen, Thailand is a unique place. Something I have never experienced before and since the first day I stepped into this place it took my heart!

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Thank you so much for considering to help the amazing children of the Child-Help Foundation Thailand! Every little donation will make such a difference in the life of these kids.

The child help foundation

23 years ago, Kru Ya and his wife were very concerned about many children in their neighborhood. Many children, who lost their parents, as well as children from alcoholic or drug addicted families were living in horrible conditions and without hope for a better future on the street. So they just decided to take them into their own family and started taking care of them.
People were so touched by their work that they donated a piece of land and slowly they were able to build facilities and every year more and more children were coming. Now they take care of more than 40 children in the age of 6 months to 23 years old.

What is so incredibly touching is that Kru Ya (after the death of his wife of cancer) is doing the majority of work with only 3 staff members! He is the father, teacher, friend and strong foundation of these kids in the most humble way. He is giving them a beautiful ethic foundation based on meditation and buddhist principles as well as incredible support. Many Thai people in the board of the child help foundation give so much support for Kru Ya’ s work. Also many of the older kids stay and support the foundation with everything they can. The whole place is like a big family!

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak a lot of Thai people stopped supporting the child help foundation. So now very often they are lacking the bare necessities like being able to pay their water or electricity bills.

They urgently need your help!
Here in Thailand things are cheaper, so even a little monthly donation can make all the difference and bring these little souls so much relieve!

What the money will be used for:

Electricity and water

Paying everyday cost of running the place (electricity, water bill etc.)


Support the older kids with a fund to give them access to higher education and help them to settle on their own when they leave the child help foundation.


Keeping the facilities running and build new ones if needed


The Mindfulness Project is helping the child help foundation for many years with weekly English teaching, Yoga teachings, building mushroom farms and a calisthenics park. We can testify that the child help foundation is running in the most authentic and honest way and we will make sure, that the donated money will be used for the cause it was donated for.

Through our German charity your donations are tax deductible in Europe.

Thank you all for considering to help these incredible children.

Watch our YouTube film

This video was made in 2019 by lovely Montana. It shows the life in the child foundation to give you a better overview about what amazing work they do!