Worm Hunters

Another kids day, a lot more fun! Our once monthly day with Jerry’s weekend school came around again and this time we were focusing on cycles in nature. There was a lot of introductions, singing, discussing, acting, learning and laughing, all topped off with a meditation at the end. We [...]

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Child Help Foundation

We are back and buzzing! The project is doing great We have so far been open just over two weeks, with the first batch of volunteers having mostly come and left us already. The land is looking awesome, our 200 fruit trees are coming up, our brand new mandala garden [...]

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Time for Inspiration

Once in a while we leave work for what it is and make time to go on a tour to get inspired. SCD Foundation is one of the organizations that inspires us a lot. Through this foundation, Dr. Tantip and her husband help farmers to break the cycle of depth [...]

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Making life more green

We love trees! So if we get the opportunity to help to grow them, we grab it with both hands. Like when Neepa invited us to Kohk Sung village. Neepa works as a nurse for Ubonrat District Hospital and in her free time she is a community nurse in Kohk [...]

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Learning, planting, growing

Recently we had the opportunity to help Fai, Kom and Dee’s niece, with her project to combine English teaching and environmental lessons. This was her first event, bringing local students to practice English with our volunteers and work together to plant seeds. Once our volunteers and her students introduced themselves, [...]

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Lets plant some dragons.

Last week we  were visited again by the wonderful Sunday English class, this time to plant seeds and see our new site as we are now living here. The volunteers were amazing, painting signs, making a quiz, developing a tour to take the kids on and generally being enthusiastic and [...]

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Weeding at Nipa’s farm

Yesterday we visited Nipa at her farm. This lovely lady works as a nurse Ubonrat Hospital. Beside her job, she has an organic farm and educates people about organic farming through the Kumkune centre. She could use some help with weeding, so 12 of our volunteers jumped into a car. [...]

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