Cleaner World

A while ago we had the honor of hearing a talk by Monica, one of our volunteers, whose mission in life is to reduce the amount of plastic used in the world. In the picture above you can see the items she travels with. By using these items she accumulated [...]

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Before After So we are midway through our six week summer break and things are looking ALIVE! Sorry for the radio silence, we've all been enjoying some much needed time off after the hustle and bustle of moving and the long slog of hot season. But now the [...]

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Work has begun in earnest: we have just over two weeks before we move from our current lovely home to what will be a lovely home, once we make it. To prepare for this we have begun creating a make-shift tent to sleep in for the time being, moving the [...]

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Design is Done

We have our new land design! Here it is (isn't it beautiful..). Well, maybe not so much, yet, but it will be!   Moving from left to right; the lower portion of the land, where the soil is clay and gets waterlogged in the rainy season, we will be mostly [...]

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Organic Fair

Last weekend we attended the organic fair in Khon Kaen in order to build relationships with local organic farmers, check out the new technology and try some delicious foods on offer. It was a beautiful set up with fresh produce everywhere, tonnes of seeds to buy or swap, demonstrations of [...]

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Planting Trees!

New land, new trees! We took a trip up to measure and get an idea of where buildings can go on the new land, and took the opportunity to plant some new trees. Some limes, mangoes, coconuts and pomegranates, which should be fruiting apparently within 2 - 5 years (we [...]

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