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Rains Retreat

Last week marked the beginning of the rains retreat, with a special Buddha day ceremony marking the beginning of this special time of year. It is a three month period of very intensive meditation which some monks choose to undertake, barely leaving the monastery during this time. The opening is [...]

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With Wise Reflection

Here at the project, we have good food. Really good food. All the time. Almost all our ingredients are fresh, local and organic, with the help of our wonderful neighbours who know all the organic farmers in our area. But on top of this: food tastes better when you really [...]

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Loving Kindness Meditation

Recently we have been focusing on the heart chakra and introducing a new group of volunteers to Loving Kindness meditation, which many have found deeply moving. There are many variations of Loving Kindness, here is the text we use:   May all living beings be full of loving kindness, May [...]

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Rice harvest

Dear lovely friends of the Mindfulness Project, I´m Julian from Germany and this is already my second time at the project. It´s incredible to see how many things have changed in only 4 months: The kitchen is renewed, the living room is designed more beautiful and also the garden looks [...]

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