Life After the Mindfulness Project

This piece was written by Neele Kuder — a volunteer from Germany who visited the project in February/March, and recently returned home. After leaving the Project, I was lucky enough to maintain my bubble of loving kindness in the form of two fellow travelers a while longer, until we reached [...]

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Life Lessons from a Cat

At the Mindfulness Project, we’re big believers in taking care of others. We’ve built a house for one of our neighbors, we teach English in local villages, and if anyone shows up at the project during meal time, we invite them to grab a plate and join us. This mindset [...]

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The magic of the Mindfulness Project

Hi my name is Judy! In December I worked as a volunteer at the Mindfulness Project. For me this place is just magical. I wanted to let you take part of the magic and created this video. Turn on the English subtitle and have fun while watching ✨

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A typical day at the Mindfulness Project

Hi my name is Judy and I'm from Germany. In November I've been as a volunteer at the Mindfulness Project.  I had an amazing, moving and developing time! Without having been there, it's often hard to understand what the Mindfulness Project is about. And as I think pictures tell more [...]

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Expansion lies ahead

Exciting developments are underway here at the Mindfulness Project. Our beautiful new shower block is nearly complete with the first bags of concrete being laid down today. Volunteers have been busy practicing mindfulness in the mud pits, making bricks from natural materials and building perfect arches. The work can be [...]

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Worm Hunters

Another kids day, a lot more fun! Our once monthly day with Jerry’s weekend school came around again and this time we were focusing on cycles in nature. There was a lot of introductions, singing, discussing, acting, learning and laughing, all topped off with a meditation at the end. We [...]

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Child Help Foundation

We are back and buzzing! The project is doing great We have so far been open just over two weeks, with the first batch of volunteers having mostly come and left us already. The land is looking awesome, our 200 fruit trees are coming up, our brand new mandala garden [...]

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Learning, planting, growing

Recently we had the opportunity to help Fai, Kom and Dee’s niece, with her project to combine English teaching and environmental lessons. This was her first event, bringing local students to practice English with our volunteers and work together to plant seeds. Once our volunteers and her students introduced themselves, [...]

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