Michelle, USA

So much love! You have created a space where people feel welcome, safe, understood and accepted. You have created a community based on LOVE AND RESPECT where we help one another simply because we love each other, where even the work doesn’t feel like work because we believe in what [...]

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Janne, Holland

Amazing! I spent over 5 weeks at this home away from home and it was one of the most transformative experiences of my life. The people, the community, the work, the meditation, the yoga, the FOOD, the lessons, the dancing, interacting with the local community, teaching english, and the list [...]

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Fred, France

So inspiring! A rewarding and inspiring experience. Permaculture, mindfulness, sustainability, and organic living, were topics I only read about but now I can say I have experienced them. People usually come and go in our lives but only few make a difference in our lives. Christian is one of those [...]

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Kevon, USA

Best thing I ever did “We woke up at 5am for yoga and meditation before work. Surprisingly in the simplest of circumstances, it was the most peaceful and happiest I’ve ever really been. I’ve made some incredible friends here from around the globe, all of whom seem to vibrate at [...]

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