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  • Official Mindfulness Project morning routine

    This short practice is perfect to start your day and it makes a huge difference in your life! it combines techniques from Buddhist meditation, neuroscience and yoga. start now to change your mind [...]

  • shave hair nun

    Shaving Your Head: What Does it Bring a Nun?

    Imagine a beautiful woman is walking on the street. I would dare to bet that you, whether you are male or female, have just pictured her with long hair. It is very interesting how the [...]

  • A typical day at the Mindfulness Project

    Hi my name is Judy and I'm from Germany. In November I've been as a volunteer at the Mindfulness Project.  I had an amazing, moving and developing time! Without having been there, it's often hard [...]

Life After the Mindfulness Project

By |June 10th, 2019|Categories: Psychology|

This piece was written by Neele Kuder — a volunteer from Germany who visited the project in February/March and recently returned home. After leaving the Project, I was lucky enough to maintain my bubble of [...]

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