Photo of a sun setting behind a mountain with two hills full of trees and grasses rolling past each other in front.

We Moved Locations!

We have moved to our new piece of land in Loei, Thailand, 3 hours away from our previous location in Khon Kaen! It is a beautiful, spacious piece of farmland that we are transforming into an ecovillage together with our volunteers!

So far we have brought two volunteer groups to the new land, the first loved it so much they didn’t want to leave! The volunteers who have just arrived for the new season are already asking if they can stay longer!

We are so grateful for all the lovely donors, supporters and volunteers who have been helping us to bring this dream into reality! Every day we are amazed and full of love and appreciation

We have already drilled our well, set up our temporary kitchen, toilets and showers, our tents, and our solar electricity! We are so excited to integrate reforestation, permaculture, and sustainable living into our program so that volunteers have the opportunity to experience transformation inside as well as learn how to make a difference for nature, living in harmony with it.

Come see it for yourself by booking a stay with us! We would love to show you the beautiful river and share this magical experience with you.

Help us fund our construction of the new sustainable living education center, which will be our home for the volunteering program and reforestation effort!

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