This week’s blog is different than usual. We’re sharing a beautiful poem that, in our opinion, tells perfectly what the Mindfulness Project entails and means. It’s written by David Clark, who always used to introduce himself as ‘David from the Earth’ when he had to tell his name and the country where he’s from during the talking circle. One of his talents is to describe his experiences in heart touching poems.

David’s 33 days at the Mindfulness Project was one of the most powerful transformations he has ever experienced. He is 41 years old and has struggled with long bouts of isolating depression since he was a child. Living in this community showed him what it was like to be part of an open, loving family. To feel connected and seen. It gave him so many gifts. One of the most powerful was being able to turn his years of darkness and pain into love. To use those experiences to help someone who was hurting, and in the process find a feeling of peace with and a purpose for that pain.

Now enjoy David’s wonderful, heart touching poem. And please share some love if you can relate to his words.

The Mindfulness (Project) Poem

The circle is the key
The circle is the heart
To connecting with each other
To making a fresh start

It begins with family
Opening to the global tribes
Building bonds that help us heal
Finding common vibes

Mindfulness brings us presence
To be in the here and now
Helps us find our purpose
Stop stressing about how

Yoga opens up our bodies
Mediation our minds
They free us from old fetters
Untangle the tightest binds

The teachings help us understand
Just what makes us tick
Learning how to unlearn
Systems that keep us sick

Which prepares us for the work
The world needs from us now
Building with our hands and hearts
Showing others how

To live a life in harmony
With nature and ourselves
Stop mindless consumption
Put our old ways on the shelves

Please don’t ever feel
That there is nothing you can do
There is hope for me
There is hope for you

To find a tribe that understands
How good life can be
A community of unconditional love
A chance to really be free