Do you remember the pure bliss of playing in the mud as a kid? The excitement and joy you got from creating a new world with your hands. The Mindfullness Project gives its volunteers and students the ability to let their inner childs free to play in the mud again, but with a bigger playground, a more mindful approach, and modern permaculture techniques to add to the fun.

When you come to the Mindfullness Project you will have the opportunity to participate in every step of the natural building process.

It begins by taking clay from the earth to make multi purpose mud. Once the mud is mixed, you will learn how to turn it into adobe bricks with an Egyptian technique or into plaster. These construction elements are then used to create various buildings, like the “poo castle” for example.


nearly finished toilets

The new restroom and shower faculty currently being constructed is affectionately known as the “poo castle”. Don’t let the cute name fool you though, this waterproof mud structure has an extremely functional design. The castle will serve as the communities’ showers and toilets, with human waste and grey water harvesting facilities. When it’s done the castle will also be a work of art, complete with drawbridge shower doors, throne toilets, and a full mosaic exterior.

Working with the hands is only half the fun. You will also learn how this grown up permaculture playground was designed and how to make your own. Being immersed in this space is an incredible way to experience the process and absorb the wealth of knowledge available from the dedicated staff with all your senses.

When you help create a structure here, you not only gain the knowledge of how to build a better world, you also become a part of a group dedicated to creating positive changes for themselves and the planet. You serve by learning how to live and build in harmony with mother nature and you help make a home that future attendees will use to do the same.

Coming to the Mindfulness Project is so much more than a knowledge exchange. It’s an opportunity to be part of a family dedicated to making its members more mindful inhabitants of this beautiful planet.

By David from the Earth