Expansion lies ahead

Expansion lies ahead

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Exciting developments are underway here at the Mindfulness Project.

Our beautiful new shower block is nearly complete with the first bags of concrete being laid down today. Volunteers have been busy practicing mindfulness in the mud pits, making bricks from natural materials and building perfect arches.

The work can be tough, hot and sweaty. But so much love flows in this place that the smiles never seem to fade.

We now deliver weekly English classes to Thai children, working on improving their vocabulary, pronunciation and ability to interact with foreigners. Outreach is a big part of what we do here at the project and we hope this connection will continue to grow.

New long term volunteers have joined the team and our garden has grown exponentially. We have pumpkins, lemongrass, pineapples, banana, papaya, coconut trees, and pots of rosemary and aloe vera growing. We hope that in two-three years we will be self-sufficient and able to feed ourselves from the garden.

But most excitingly, we are opening a new Mindfulness Project Café in the village this summer. It will be run by our Thai friend Fai and will strengthen our connection with the community.

Fresh coffee will be served up for volunteers to connect with locals people, a book exchange will be on offer and the space will be used for talks, live music, photography and art exhibitions and film screenings.


Love, gratitude, hard work, powerful human connection, positive energy and magic continues to flow through the project every day.

Our volunteers connect with the most authentic versions of themselves, learn how to integrate mindfulness practices into their daily lives and make lifelong friendships with people from all over the world.

On June 10th 2018 we will close for a break for but we will be back doing what we do best in August.

We look forward to welcoming new volunteers!

About the Author:

Christian is the founder and spiritual leader of the Mindfuness Project. He is meditating in intensive retreats in Thailand since 2002 and he became a Monk for a year in Wat Pho Baan Nontan, Thailand. Is Approach to teaching the Dharma is very open and incorporates a lot of wisdom from both other traditions as well as scientific studies. Paired with his enthusiasm for life and the natural way of living he has inspired thousands of People around the world.

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