Natural Building Course – Mar/Apr

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Date(s) - March 25, 2019 to April 7, 2019
All Day

Mindfulness Project

Become the architect of your dreams!

Everybody is able to build magnificent and unique buildings using only natural materials.

This course will teach you all the steps in the process of adobe brick building and give you the knowledge to create your very own buildings. The bonus is that these buildings cost a fraction of the price of conventional buildings and work with nature rather than against it. This 2 week workshop is a huge step towards self-reliance and freedom.

Join one of the most inspiring communities in Thailand and become part of the beginning of the construction of an eco-village!


What is Natural Building?

Take the earth under your feet and turn it into the most stunning structures! Natural building is a creative, completely organic and long lasting form of building. It takes us back to the roots of connecting with our Earth, our community and other natural materials that we find in our local surroundings. With this technique we can create structures that are unlike anything you can find in modern architecture. We can build completely unique art forms that are functional and in harmony with ourselves and our environment, using curves, arches, domes and much more.

In this world where we are faced with the major issues of global warming and unnecessary fossil fuel consumption, it is a chance for us to make a major change: a chance to observe our interactions and our footprint on this planet, and a chance to just get plain down and dirty with a bunch of fantastic people!!

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What will you learn?

Jump right in and change your life.

Help construct incredible buildings in a magical place. You will get a range of hands on experience throughout this course. It will be mostly practical work, combined with theoretical sessions that will give you a complete overview of the history, different techniques and the many benefits of ‘going natural’ when you build.

You will learn how to:

  • Learn different techniques to create foundations and drainage systems.
  • Create the perfect ratio of clay and sand mixtures from your sub-soil using simple testing methods.
  • Make your own bricks from scratch.
  • Build beautiful structures using very popular and durable Adobe techniques.
  • Learn how to build magnificent arches and dome buildings, knowledge unique to our course.
  • Apply natural plasters and paintwork to your structures.
  • Learn how to make your buildings durable and secure, by learning the basics of stability studies.


Staying at the Mindfulness Project you will also get a taste of community living and what it truly means to connect and work together with people who want to make a positive difference in their surrounding environments. You will become part of the greater Mindfulness family: a part of a creative space for learning and sharing about the more important and harmonious aspects of life.


What is the Mindfulness Project?

The Mindfulness Project is a revolutionary system that will improve the possibilities of sustainable living. We are a German Non-profit organization with a spiritual foundation, dedicated to planting 100% of our donations straight into the ground.

We use a combination of modern scientific methods with ancient philosophies to promote personal development and healthy living. So we combine yoga, meditation, and spirituality, with nutritional guidance, psychology, and talking therapies.

We also use this combined approach in the fields of integrated agriculture, green building, alternative energy and recycling.

We are trying to create an example of environmental and social utopia to show the world another way of living. While the Mindfulness Project is already planting seeds of change in the minds of volunteers and community members alike, we aim to grow this impact exponentially.



More Impressions

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Instructor: Christian Carow

Christian is one of these rare natural building enthusiasts who’s eyes sparkle whenever he puts his hands and feet in the mud. For him natural building is a way for us to live in accordance with our environment and it is an art that calls for imagination, creativity and developing a new kind of connection with nature. He is trained in Earth-bag building, Adobe brick building and compressed stabilized mud-brick building from the Auroville earth institute, where he also got in-depth knowledge about stability studies. You will leave his courses absolutely inspired and ready to build your own stunningly beautiful dream house.


Course Fees:

450 Euro
390 Euro early bird if the full course fee is paid before 25.12.2018

Your contribution will cover your accommodation and food throughout the duration course. We will provide you with three super tasty and high quality vegetarian meals a day and most special dietary requirements can be catered for upon request!

To secure your space on the course we ask for an initial deposit of 200 Euro. The remaining 250 Euro is to be paid in cash upon arrival (Thai Baht preferred).


Please note:

In the unlikely event our canceling the course, your deposit will be fully refunded to you, additionally we will not be held responsible for any financial losses accrued. Should you decide to cancel your registration after paying your deposit, it becomes non-refundable.



Here at the Mindfulness Project we have beautiful open but rustic style dormitory accommodation. You will be part of the very beginning of the first eco-village in the poorest part of Thailand!
We can provide you with all you need for a comfy night’s sleep including a floor mattress, mosquito net, Thai pillow, sheets and a blanket. If you have any special desires you are welcome to bring your own gear such as a tent, hammock or extra bedding. Note that we have composting toilets and open showers. So this is for nature lovers!



We serve large and tasty vegetarian meals. The Mindfulness Project is known for it’s extremely delicious and healthy food. This will boost your immune system, give you the energy you need for all the mud mixing and brick making, and put you on a path to re-invigoration!

We can accommodate most food intolerances. Please let us know in advance.


Contact information:

Please feel free to contact us at info@mindfulness-project.org if you would like any additional information about the course.

SO COME ON… let’s get our hands and feet dirty and make a real difference!!!

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