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So inspiring!

A rewarding and inspiring experience. Permaculture, mindfulness, sustainability, and organic living, were topics I only read about but now I can say I have experienced them. People usually come and go in our lives but only few make a difference in our lives. Christian is one of those people. You have a man who can make a fortune through his talent yet he lives humbly and uses his talent for the good of others. He makes a conscious effort to teach his volunteers by setting an example in helping and growing a permaculture community and by challenging their thinking to attain personal and mindful growth and personal development.

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About the Author:

Christian is the founder and spiritual leader of the Mindfuness Project. He is meditating in intensive retreats in Thailand since 2002 and he became a Monk for a year in Wat Pho Baan Nontan, Thailand. Is Approach to teaching the Dharma is very open and incorporates a lot of wisdom from both other traditions as well as scientific studies. Paired with his enthusiasm for life and the natural way of living he has inspired thousands of People around the world.

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