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The Mindfulness Project is a radical new approach to a holistic life style. We combine proven methods of the fields of meditation, yoga, natural building, arts and combine them to a healing system of transforming ourselves and the environment.

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Embark on a once in a lifetime experience! Become a volunteer in the Mindfulness project and learn everything about holistic living! We combine mindfulness, meditation, yoga, natural building, organic farming, non-violent communication and psychology into a healing system of self-transformation.

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Every year we offer different courses in the field of meditation, yoga, Permaculture design, natural building and much more! World leading teachers are constantly researching and teaching the newest solutions for a holistic lifestyle. All the solutions for our problems are already there. We just need to apply them!

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All around the globe people start to wake up to the fact that we can make a tremendous difference by the power of community! Every dollar or Euro will reach it´s destination in our completely volunteer run project. You can choose where your money will be spent on and we are fully transparent! And sharing is one of the most important practices in most spiritual paths.

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  • Solid Standing

    Solid Standing

    Look at our floor going in! To do this we first mix sand, water and concrete in our enormous mixer like so. Then we mix it with gravel [...]

  • Sexy Spongers

    Sexy Spongers

    This post is long overdue, but you can finally see our mud house with a roof! We are now SO close to finishing, we just need to finish off plastering a [...]

  • Lets plant some dragons.

    Lets plant some dragons.

    Last week we  were visited again by the wonderful Sunday English class, this time to plant seeds and see our new site as we are now living here. The volunteers were amazing, painting signs, making [...]

The art of giving : Our latest fundraising campaign

Your help can change the lives of organic farmers in Thailand

We need your help to create a sustainable learning center and community in the poorest region of rural Thailand.

The Mindfulness Project is located in Isaan, the most drought ridden part of Thailand where 98% of the forest has already been destroyed. We aim to restore healthy biodiversity in our community in order to secure access to food and water for local people, while practicing sustainable living with international volunteers.

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Yoga teacher wanted!

We are searching for an inspiring Yoga teacher with an open heart and mind! Your teaching should incorporate both the spiritual and physical dimensions of Yoga.

Teach 5 days a week the morning class in one of the most inspiring projects in Thailand! Become part of a kick ass team and help people from all around the globe on their spiritual journey of self inquiery. Minimum stay 6 month. For more informations contact us via mail.

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Englisch teacher wanted!

Looking for a different volunteer opportunity in a child foundation in Thailand?

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What other´s say about our project

Hope, Thailand

Best thing I ever did

“We woke up at 5am for yoga and meditation before work. Surprisingly in the simplest of circumstances, it was the most peaceful and happiest I’ve ever really been. I’ve made some incredible friends here from around the globe, all of whom seem to vibrate at the same frequency as me and so it was beautiful and very easy to connect. This was my first volunteering experience and I would be surprised if it got any better. I cannot put into words the impact this project had on my way of thinking about life, myself and other people. It layed the foundation for the way I want my life to proceed, and it came when I really needed it. ”

Alan, France

So inspiring!

A rewarding and inspiring experience. Permaculture, mindfulness, sustainability, and organic living, were topics I only read about but now I can say I have experienced them. People usually come and go in our lives but only few make a difference in our lives. Christian is one of those people. You have a man who can make a fortune through his talent yet he lives humbly and uses his talent for the good of others. He makes a conscious effort to teach his volunteers by setting an example in helping and growing a permaculture community and by challenging their thinking to attain personal and mindful growth and personal development.

Nils, Germany


I spent over 5 weeks at this home away from home and it was one of the most transformative experiences of my life. The people, the community, the work, the meditation, the yoga, the FOOD, the lessons, the dancing, interacting with the local community, teaching english, and the list goes on and on. Every day was a brand new experience. Constructing drip-irrigation systems, plastering walls, gardening, creating beautiful mosaics, going to a handful of Buddha days (AMAZING) and of course the amazing nightly talk circles and teachings from Christian being the highlights of every day (after maybe the food…).Don’t take me wrong, here you will work, you will sweat, you will dance and you may even cry, but in the end you’ll have the biggest stupidest smile on your face ever.

Emily, USA

So much love!

You have created a space where people feel welcome, safe, understood and accepted. You have created a community based on LOVE AND RESPECT where we help one another simply because we love each other, where even the work doesn’t feel like work because we believe in what we are doing, and where we are free to be exactly who we are 100% of the time. You have made beginning or furthering a meditation practice and learning the way of Buddhist life accessible and attainable for us all. There is so much self love, love for others, mindfulness, hard work from the soul and true gratitude buzzing around and throughout this entire project and mission, that it is impossible not to be forever changed.