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The Mindfulness Project is a radical new approach to a holistic life style. We combine proven methods of the fields of meditation, yoga,  psychology, Permaculture, natural building, arts and combine them to a healing system of transforming ourselves and the environment.
This amazing system has been scientifically researched by the University of Murcia, Spain and has shown amazing results! So come in and be part of the worldwide change!

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Embark on a once in a lifetime experience! Become a volunteer in the Mindfulness project and learn everything about holistic living! We combine mindfulness, meditation, yoga, natural building, organic farming, non-violent communication and psychology into a healing system of self-transformation.

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Every year we offer different courses in the field of meditation, yoga, Permaculture design, natural building and much more! World leading teachers are constantly researching and teaching the newest solutions for a holistic lifestyle. All the solutions for our problems are already there. We just need to apply them!

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All around the globe people start to wake up to the fact that we can make a tremendous difference by the power of community! Every dollar or Euro will reach it´s destination in our completely volunteer run project. You can choose where your money will be spent on and we are fully transparent! And sharing is one of the most important practices in most spiritual paths.

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We offer a wide variety of teachings from Meditation, Yoga, Neuroscience, Psychology, Permaculture, Nutrition, Natural building and much more. Enjoy our youtube chanel or become part of the solution by becoming a member of the Mindfulness Network.

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  • Expansion lies ahead

    Exciting developments are underway here at the Mindfulness Project. Our beautiful new shower block is nearly complete with the first bags of concrete being laid down today. Volunteers have been busy practicing mindfulness in [...]

  • Worm Hunters

    Another kids day, a lot more fun! Our once monthly day with Jerry's weekend school came around again and this time we were focusing on cycles in nature. There was a lot of introductions, singing, [...]

  • Cleaner World

    A couple of weeks ago we had the honor of hearing a talk by Monica, one of our volunteers, whose mission in life is to reduce the amount of plastic used in the world. In [...]

The art of giving : Our latest fundraising campaign

Your help can change the lives of organic farmers in Thailand

We need your help to create a sustainable learning center and community in the poorest region of rural Thailand.

The Mindfulness Project is located in Isaan, the most drought ridden part of Thailand where 98% of the forest has already been destroyed. We aim to restore healthy biodiversity in our community in order to secure access to food and water for local people, while practicing sustainable living with international volunteers.

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Looking for a long term volunteer!!

Attention film makers!  The Mindfulness Project is looking for a long term volunteer to take up the task of making films for our Youtube and Patreon pages then promoting them on Social Media!  This position will be offered after the end of May and is really important for the project in our steps to move forward and share our teachings with the rest of the world!  If you have experience in film making, and most importantly a strong drive to help change the world through film, then please contact us at joanne@mindfulness-project.org.

An interest and experience in social media marketing is essential for this position and we’d really love to have someone who knows both!  The position covers room and board including meals.  We are looking for someone for 6 months – 1 year!  Please contact us to receive the full position description as well as details of what it’s like to be a long term volunteer with us.  Previous volunteers are especially wanted as they already have an idea of what the project is like.  New comers will be asked to stay as short term volunteers first before taking on the long term volunteer position to give them an adjustment period and to make sure it’s a good fit for everyone!


What others say about us

  • Emily, USA

    So much love! You have created a space where people feel welcome, safe, understood and accepted. You have created a community based on LOVE AND RESPECT where we help one another simply because we love [...]

  • Nils, Germany

    Amazing! I spent over 5 weeks at this home away from home and it was one of the most transformative experiences of my life. The people, the community, the work, the meditation, the yoga, the [...]

  • Alan, France

    So inspiring! A rewarding and inspiring experience. Permaculture, mindfulness, sustainability, and organic living, were topics I only read about but now I can say I have experienced them. People usually come and go in our [...]

  • Hope, Thailand

    Best thing I ever did “We woke up at 5am for yoga and meditation before work. Surprisingly in the simplest of circumstances, it was the most peaceful and happiest I’ve ever really been. I’ve made [...]